Grade 5

Part 1 Learning Mouse Skills

You will be practicing:

1. Scrolling

2. Highlighting Text

3. Mouse Clicking (speed and accuracy)

Questions you will be asked to demonstrate:

1. How do you scroll with your mouse?

2. How do you highlight text?

3. Are you accurate when you click on something with your mouse?

4. What are various methods for making multiple selections?

Mouse skills:

1. Tutorial:

2. Practice:

3. Highlighting practice:


b. Read about highlighting using the mouse or the mouse and the keyboard.

c. Read these directions all the way through before beginning.

*Go to the page on the Library Media website called Veterans Day worksheet.

*Highlight the text on entitled Veterans Day.

*Right click and copy the whole document.

*Go to Word, open up your own file, create a new page.

*Right click and paste the document onto the new page.

*Give this page or document a title - "Veterans Day practice ws."

*Complete the directions on the worksheet.

4. Proofreading skills:

5. Mouse Clicking:

Part 2 Keyboarding

Questions you will be asked to demonstrate:

1. How do the HOME ROW keys improve your speed and accuracy?

2. How can you improve your speed and accuracy while typing?

3. What is the number pad on your keyboard, and when should you use it?


1. Keyboard Invasion on

2. Practice typing skills:

3. Practice using the number pad for speed and accuracy

4. Math practice (multiplication fluency)

SBAC Practice: