Grade 4 Research Project - Biography


Project : Over the next month, you will be researching one person who has made a significant, positive contribution to our world. Your guiding questions for this project are:

  • What positive contribution(s) has this person made to society?
  • How have these contributions made a difference to others?
  • What character traits did this person show that helped him/her to achieve something important?

Step 1: Choosing a person who made a positive contribution to our world and about whom you'd like to know more.

Here's some sites you can check use for biography research. Just click away!

Step 2: Create and write down questions you have about the person you will be researching.

  • You will use the question/answer organizer to record your questions (and later, your answers.)

Step 3: Research your person.

  • You must have at least 2 different sources of information. This means at least 2 different websites, or a website and a book.
  • You will take notes on an organizer.
  • You will record your sources of information.

Key Words:

  • Resources or sources : places where you find information. Sources can include printed texts, like books, magazines, and articles, internet sites, videos , and pictures/clipart.
  • Bibliography: A listing of your sources or where you found your information. A bibliography includes information like the title and author of the source, the publisher, the publication date, and the city in which it was published (if the source is a book), the name of the website and the organization that maintains the website, the date you went to the website and the website's URL. (Another name for a bibliography is "Works Cited."
  • Citing Sources : You give credit to authors for their words, ideas and/or pictures by telling YOUR reader where you got your information from (the source.) Now the reader of your report has a way to check the information and find out more about the topic.
  • Plagiarism : If you copy information from a source without citing it, this is called plagiarism. This is like stealing - it is illegal and unethical.