Teacher Resource Page

As I come across websites and other educational information that I think will be helpful to you, I'll post it here. Please feel free to share with me any information, books, sites, apps, etc. that you feel would be helpful to our staff, and I will gladly post it here! Also, my goal is to have the library be a learning hub for the whole school, so if there are books or other resources that you would like to have in the library for faculty use, please let me know.



Pebble Go Database (K-3+)

We once again have access to the PebbleGo database! This is a terrific database, which provides information on various animals, earth and space, biographies and social studies.


  • For 1st grade, they have a section on farm animals
  • For 3rd grade, all the animals have information from which students can find specifics on animal adaptations.
  • Under Earth and Space, there is a section entitled "Earth Science," which includes a subcategory "Earth Features." Under this category, there are sections on "Rocks and Erosion." There is also a section "Earth in Action," which focuses on several different Natural Disasters. 
  • For 2nd grade, the Biography section is very good.

What I like best about this site is that there are great visuals, the students can choose to have the text read to them, the readability is appropriate for elementary school students and there are usually additional images or video to go along with each topic.

NOTE: Please email me for the user name and password.

GaleSites Databases

There are two elementary databases here - The Discovering Collection and Kids Info Bits. In my opinion, the Discovering Collection is too difficult, both in content and readability, for elementary students, but you, as teachers, may find some helpful information. Kids Info Bits database has a wide selection of categories from which to choose, and many articles under each category. Although the readability is pided into easy and hard, I have found that the "easy" reading is appropriate for our 4th and 5th graders, and the "harder" selections would be appropriate for skilled readers. This site has articles, but no pictures to accompany each article. However, there is a tab marked "Images" for pictures only.

iCONN.org Elementary School Resources

The databases to try are Searchasaurus, Kids Search, Primary Search, Magazines or eBooks . Some of these options can be searched by Lexile level. Also, the entire right column of Elementary School Resources Page is comprised of resources for teachers and educators. When accessing iConn from school or a public library, you don't need to enter a password. When accessing from home, you will need to log in with your public library barcode. (However, there is an option for you to try iCONN if you don't have a library card - it is marked - "Try Here."

The Internet Public Library - For Kids Section

Wait until you check out this site! Lots of good information and resources. Nine different initial categories, including Reference (on-line dictionaries, encyclopedias, homework help), Health and Nutrition, Art and Music, Our World (History, Religion and more), Reading Zone (see comments following the listing), Sports and Recreation, Computers and Internet, Math and Science and Fun Stuff. While exploring Reading Zone, I found a couple a great spots: Storybook Online Network, with activities in which students can complete stories or listen and read stories written by other children. (Really cute story - The Wolf's Side of Little Red Riding Hood - written by a 10 year old!) Also, in the Kids Reading Zone, there is a section that has stories written in Spanish! I hope this will be helpful to our students who come to the school speaking only Spanish.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

The official Common Core Standards. Search by ELA or Math.

Connecticut SDE/DoE - Comon Core News and Resources

 News and resources from the official Connecticut State Dept. of Education website regarding Common Core standards in CT.

Fair Use Evaluator (Respecting Copyright/Fair Use in Education)

It is a common misconception that "Fair Use" in an educational setting gives us carte blance for duplicate or resue all copyrighted material in any way we choose, but this is not true. There are various limits. This tool is helpful in determining if your intended use is ethical. This does NOT constitute legal advice; it merely helps clarify U.S. Copyright Code that can be confusing. This tools also allows you to save the results of the evaluator which can benefit you, the school and the district should your usageof copyrighted materials ever come under scrutiny.

Russell Library (homepage) and Online Catalog

If you're looking for something we don't have in Bielefield Library's collection, check out Russell Library's collection. Use the link to their online catalog to see if they have the book (or other resource) you need. It will tell you if the book is available, or when someone is due to return it.


In Library Media class, we spend time discussing the fact that we cannot take and use information and ideas from books, websites, images, etc. without permission and certainly not without documenting the sources we have used. This is a free on-line tool for creating bibliographies, works cited pages or reference pages in MLA format.